Interesting Sites and Resources

C-Span Booknotes: On Saturday and Sunday nights, C-Span 2 broadcasts interviews with writers, publishers, and bookstore owners, and then makes these and other book-related matters available on the web.

The Financial Times: For those who want to watch intelligently not merely the movement of stocks but the expansion of capital, this newspaper (online; in print) is essential. (While we think the Financial Times remains an essential newspaper, we note that its once-dignified  site has given way to the trend toward gaudiness in web design and now looks like a 3-D carnival poster.)

The Irish Bookshop is the place in New York where books of and from Ireland, in English and Irish, can be bought. The shop will take phone, mail, and e-mail orders.

The Lilliput Press is an Irish publisher which, since 1985 has brought out four volumes of the essays of the late Hubert Butler. Their list includes a number of notable Irish writers. Hubert Butler’s "The Artukovitch File" appeared in our last issue (Vol. 1, No. 2).

McPherson & Co publishes such writers as the fascinating Mary Butts (THE TAVERNER NOVELS), Howard McCord, Anna Maria Ortese, and the performance artist Carolee Schneeman.

Mercury House is a not-for-profit literary press in San Francisco. Members of the staff used to be associated with the respected North Point, before that imprint closed its doors. The press has just published Alfred Arteaga’s HOUSE WITH THE BLUE BED.

Politics and Prose is the largest independent bookshop in Washington, D.C., with a full and beautifully-chosen stock-list and a nicely-arranged web site.

The Village Voice Bookshop lives in the heart of Paris, and makes American and English books available to customers on several continents, via phone, fax, post, and e-mail. Odile Hellier, the proprietor, is a Contributing Editor of this publication.


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