s e v e n  p o e m s  i n  h e b r e w

r a c h e l  e s h e d


Like A High Priestess


Like a High Priestess I mix colors

on the floor. Lots of men are laid out

at my feet like fine carpets.

Lots of men want to live in my breath

but my breath isn’t there.

They breathe on my nape and tell me

Enter, they groan in a tempest of tight

jeans. They’ll never smile at me,

I’m not a party to their transgression.

When I stumble they offer me

a clumsy hand, or

a quickie.

I bend over night after night in my thin mini

dress and make my bed.

They can’t even see

my clit or grab my

ass. These are truly two of the wonders

of the world; they don’t realize

what they’re missing when they’re not

laid out at my feet like fine carpets.


İRachel Eshed. İtr. David Cooper. The Hebrew text is a digitized copy taken from
HAVTACHOT KATANOT(LITTLE PROMISES) published by Hakibbutz Hameuchad Publishing House Ltd., P.O.B. 1432, Bnei Brak 51114 (Tel Aviv) in 1996; with permission.



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