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John Casey on the Farm Hall Transcripts.

To the Editor:

The only detail in your description (in your last ďEndnotes,Ē Vol. 6, No. 1) of how the Farm Hall transcripts came to me that might need clarification is that the other guy moving furniture was Jonathan Logan. I hadnít heard anything about the controversy over whether Heisenberg was a moral hero or whether the German effort to build an atomic bomb wasnít up to the job. Logan wanted to see if a lay reader could make anything of the transcripts. It was pretty clear to me that the German scientists were smart enough, but that the communication and trust between the Nazis and the scientists wasnít good enough to develop an enterprise as vast as the American Manhattan Project.

In any case Iím glad the subject came up between you and me and that you published enough of the transcripts to give your readers a sense of the German scientistsí conversation.

As ever,
John Casey
Bryan Hall
University of Virginia
Charlottesville Va 22903

The novelist John Casey (SPARTINA; THE HALF-LIFE OF HAPPINESS) is a Contributing Editor of Archipelago.


A reader exits...

To the Editor:

I feel some disappointment in reading this magazine. It is very arch, but not much in the way of originality or even of world. It is filled with pretentious European junk writings, often vulgar and silly. Sorry.

Mary Kay Baker
New York City


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