p o e m s  

m a r y  n e l l  g a n t e r

On a paper in my mind I arrange bricks

Red brick red brick red brick always coming together

I see something I think of something red brick that appears

Red brick put it red brick put it red brick move it over

I shift the bricks some resist others lose their brickishness

Red brick on red brick next red brick makes sound

Here you hear brick click on brick grind next scrape brick

Red not sealing them they go on being moveable

Bricks appear on a paper in my mind while I live

Account and hefty their arrangement is my housekeeping

Red brick beginning now to be somewhere longer than a tower



doubled over/with changing

I seem to see my kin everywhere

running up to them/this one in particular

turns out unrelated


doing everything poorly/doubled over

I feel the fold of inside parts urging

now in one place/there right there

one after another remarking


the whole story is not enough to tell time by

more of me happens/while I seem to meet you

mistaking another one for my kinsman

story is a head start/doubled over


can understand that?



Love of country ran down our street

leaving three stripes as always ate

the local food then tinted the stripes

Similarly went into the next block next block



2003 Mary Nell Ganter




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