p o r t f o l i o

naming the homeless

l u c y  g r a y







Ive been through ups and downs but always come back up. Im a go-getter. Ive got a big heart and am a happy-go-lucky person.










I blew it with my wife and daughters. But now Ive had two years of recovery which have been the best and hardest of my life. Im eternally grateful for the people who spent time to help me. Now I have my parents back, at least.










James: Not every homeless person is a bad person. Were just down on our luck and shouldnt be treated any differently than the person that has a place to live.
Denise: Im very easy-going. I like to read, write poetry, surf the net, and just have fun. Being able to work with people is the most rewarding part of any job Ive had because its cool to see such an array of society out there.


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