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naming the homeless

l u c y  g r a y
















“I left for college in August 1997 and dropped out in December. I moved to Amarillo, Texas, and held down a job and an apartment. I then moved to Denver, Colorado, where I became homeless. I’m currently part of the San Francisco Running Crews – a technical theater crew. I’d like to have a career in sound editing/design and continue singing as I currently do.”











 “I teach Junior Golf at Mission Bay Driving Range. I find it rewarding to pass on my experiences as a golfer. I was a member of the U. S. Army Honor Guard. I also was selected to march in President Kennedy’s funeral, and performed in the St. Louis World’s Fair. Honorable Discharge 1965. I am now fully recovered from a near-fatal car crash in 1997










“I was an English major. My favorite book is Virginia Woolf’s MRS. DALLOWAY. My most rewarding job was at Project Read teaching adults to read.”

©Photos, Lucy Gray


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