s e v e n  p o e m s  i n  h e b r e w

r a c h e l  e s h e d


Everywhere The Sheikh




Sated, drunk, and sleepy

I lie on pillows of fire,

on my right the sheikh, to my left the sheikh,

everywhere the sheikh.

An abayah is wrapped around his head

like a crown of ghosts, a galabiya

on his thin body, barefoot

he stands on all fours,

sobs like a blind beast.

Suddenly he sprouts a wagging tail,

his ears open to my sweet tune.

Afterwards he vanishes, a pale bubble,

like my drunkeness.


İRachel Eshed. İtr. David Cooper. The Hebrew text is a digitized copy taken from
HAVTACHOT KATANOT(LITTLE PROMISES) published by Hakibbutz Hameuchad Publishing House Ltd., P.O.B. 1432, Bnei Brak 51114 (Tel Aviv) in 1996; with permission.



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